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Kartik Prabhu


Marginalia I write margin notes while reading books. They help me keep my thoughts on record and within context. But how do I do that on a website or an ebook? Marginalia in Truth and Beauty — S. Chandrasekhar This is an experiment in implementing a marginalia (or annotation) system using the principles of the indieweb. The broad idea is to allow readers to write notes/comments that link to a particular part in my article and then notify me so that I can display a copy approriately in the right ...
Kyle Mahan

This is super exciting, great work building it! And a real testament to the power of simple ideas in combination… I can post marginalia comments without changing a line of code!

Ryan Barrett

totally! kyle hit the nail on the head: this is a great new feature and tool in its own right, and also a powerful demonstration of how big new things can emerge from simple, orthogonal standards without any new or modified protocols. nice work!

i can’t wait to see a version that tries to render marginalia directly next to the part of the post they’re addressing, whether in the actual margin or otherwise. excited!