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Homebrew Website Club: 17 December 2014


Discuss progress; meet up; make new friends.

Location: Mozilla San Francisco, 1st floor, 2 Harrison St. (at Embarcadero), 1st Floor (Cappuccino conference room or back 160 Public Space), San Francisco, CA



Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? If so, come on by and join a gathering of people with like-minded interests. Bring your friends that want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, help work on a project.

Come early for a quiet writing hour starting at 5:30pm.

See the Homebrew Website Club Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 for a description of the first meeting.

Originally posted on indiewebcamp.com.

Ben Werdmüller Ben Werdmüller is invited.
Kristen Parks Kristen Parks is invited.
Atul Varma Atul Varma is invited.
Dan Mosedale Dan Mosedale is invited.
Ash Williams Ash Williams is invited.
Crystal Beasley Crystal Beasley is invited.
Cariwyl Hebert Cariwyl Hebert is invited.
Lonnie Rae Lonnie Rae is invited.
Carla Borsoi Carla Borsoi is invited.
Robin Andersen Robin Andersen is invited.
Matt Biddulph Matt Biddulph is invited.
Edward O'Connor Edward O'Connor is invited.
Janet DeHart Janet DeHart is invited.
Jane McGonigal Jane McGonigal is invited.
C Alaric Moore C Alaric Moore is invited.
Adam Rifkin Adam Rifkin is invited.
Dharmishta Rood Dharmishta Rood is invited.
Lauren Buchman Lauren Buchman is invited.
Doc Searls Doc Searls is invited.
Joichi Ito Joichi Ito is invited.
Matthew Levine Matthew Levine is invited.
Evan Prodromou Evan Prodromou is invited.
Cari Levay Cari Levay is invited.
Mamie Rheingold Mamie Rheingold is invited.
Simon Willison Simon Willison is invited.
Natalie Downe Natalie Downe is invited.
Joël Franusic Joël Franusic is invited.

Going (8)

Tantek Çelik (tantek.com)
going to Homebrew Website Club 18:30 @MozSF 2014-12-17. Indie event kylewm.com/2014/12/homebrew-website-club-17-december-2014 silo fb.com/events/736605033092500
Kyle Mahan (kylewm.com)

Going to HWC this week, it’s been too long!

Kyle Mahan (facebook.com)
is attending.
Akshay Jagtiani (facebook.com)
is attending.
Tantek Çelik (facebook.com)
is attending.
Pius Uzamere (facebook.com)
is attending.
Jon Pierce (facebook.com)
is attending.
Katie Johnson (facebook.com)
is attending.

Might Go (3)

Ryan Barrett (snarfed.org)
Ryan Barrett (facebook.com)
might attend.
Leah Culver (facebook.com)
might attend.

Not Going (9)

Ben Werdmüller (werd.io)

No: Happy holidays, everyone. I'm still in the UK this week.

Mitul Shrivastava (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Katarzyna Babula (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Ariel Waldman (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Ben Ward (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Simon Batistoni (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Megs ORorke (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Andi Galpern (facebook.com)
is not attending.
Michael Owens (facebook.com)
is not attending.

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