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Emma Kuo
I tried it out, but couldn't get it to publish likes/replies. Might be something broken on my end. My reader is manual polling for now, no cron jobs.
Kyle Mahan

I don’t want to reinvent PuSH but I do kind of want there to be a way to subscribe one indieweb site to another, and receive a simple ping when there’s an update… (without creating a massive DDOS vector of course)

Aaron Parecki
@kylewm @notenoughneon I *think* PuSH isn't actually as bad as it seems. PuSH 0.4 anyway. But I haven't actually implemented it yet myself so take my words with a grain of salt. I plan to catch up with your reader development soon though! Just a few more things ahead of it on my priority queue right now.
Emma Kuo
I was thinking of adding PuSH support, is there a reason more people don't use it?
Ben Roberts
hmm, it would be a little bit more work, but you could make someone auth to subscribe to your site. I log auth with your site to subscribe, or my site could do that automatically through some endpoint on your site.