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Kyle Mahan

Made some small backend simplifications to Woodwind this weekend:

  • Using RQ instead of Celery, and uWSGI’s built-in timer instead of Celerybeat.
  • Py3.4’s built-in asyncio library instead of Tornado for sending realtime updates.
  • Experimenting with sending updates as an HTTP text/event-stream (server sent events) instead of websockets.

Feel like I’m getting pretty close to a minimal core of libraries around Flask/Python3 that do everything I want

# python development flask woodwind asyncio rq
Ryan Barrett

interesting! any opinions on celery vs RQ or on asyncio? does asyncio is for composition ring true for you? i haven’t actually used asyncio (tulip, trollius, etc) in practice, only hand-rolled generator frameworks, so i’m always interested in stories.