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Kyle Mahan

Review: Jennifer Bradshaw Events


We wanted our August wedding in Santa Cruz to be minimalist, intimate, and casual. We tried to cut everything we could live without, but based on advice from pretty much everyone, knew a wedding coordinator was not one of those things to cut. We could not have been happier with Jennifer — she was AMAZING through this process, and went way above and beyond day-of coordination — definitely the best money we spent anywhere.

Jenny met with us early on, got an idea what we wanted, and put our minds at ease that it was doable and wouldn’t be totally boring. A bit later we met in Santa Cruz for a walk-through of the venue where we figured out where everything would be set up, the rentals we’d need, and the order of everything. Throughout, she kept us on track with friendly but consistent reminders of what needed to be done (both my partner and I tend to procrastinate).

She also recommended a DJ who totally got us and the coolest florist ever. I particularly appreciate that she helped us figure out where we could save money and where spending a little bit would help a lot (hiring a DJ is a good example of the latter).

On the day of, she was super organized, got there early and handled everything, from working with the caterers to managing rentals and helping decorate, telling us when it was time to do what, reassuring us that it was going well, distributing tips and final payments, and closing out the venue and making sure we got our security deposit back (and I would guess most of the guests didn’t even know she was there). It sounds cliché but having Jenny meant we could really be present and enjoy the day without worrying about logistics.

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Ryan Barrett

hell yes! +1M to using a wedding planner. glad yours was good. we loved ours too! congrats again!