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Silo pub as a generic micropub-to-social network adapter

I went into this week with a goal of outsourcing all my POSSE syndication to Bridgy Publish; I’ve put a bit of work into it lately, mainly adding support for publishing to Flickr and was feeling like it was well past time to start dogfooding it.

But this week’s conversations with Ryan Barrett et al about the purpose and breadth of Bridgy Publish changed my mind. I cannot both experiment with new idioms and techniques for POSSE and use a service that very intentionally (and rightly) only adopts those things once they are well-established.

So I started thinking we should build a service one level of user-friendliness down from Bridgy, and one level of developer-friendliness up. It would present developers with a uniform API but publish to a bunch of different social web sites, and then CMSes could syndicate content for each service via this API. Where Bridgy Publish takes one input and tries to render something sane to a bunch of different silos, here you or your CMS would craft a different version for each silo.

And then I realized the API already exists and I already built the service! With one slightly hacky workaround, silo.pub fits the bill pretty nicely. Borrowing heavily from Bridgy and Red Wind, I added support for Flickr and Facebook today (though I’m waiting on Facebook’s approval before anyone else can use it … right now it will return a permissions error when you try to post). Pretty soon I plan to remove most of the silo-specific code from Red Wind and proxy it all through silo.pub.

Aside mostly for Aaron Parecki’s benefit: I’d like to make silo.pub the model of a good OAuth 2 citizen… Which I think means learning more about expirys and refresh tokens.

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Ryan Barrett

brilliant! i love this reframing. good luck and godspeed!

…and hmm, i wonder if singpolyma will use this for his POSSE needs instead of granary? are we competing for users now? frenemies! (kidding :P)

Ryan Barrett

…oh and i love the icon! fits perfectly, and way better than all the earlier alternatives i heard mentioned.

Kyle Mahan

Ah, so the problem with making silo.pub a great OAuth 2 implementation is refresh tokens are more work to support, and no (to my knowledge) micropub client does yet…

Kevin Marks

Is that why aaronpk's demo failed?

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