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Thinking about friends-only posts

I’m polling myself to see what my itches are for my site, and privacy’s the big one right now … probably because impending life-circumstance-changes make me a little wary about having every nail clipping show up in Google search results. Turning on OwnYourResponses recently is partly to blame too. Previously every once in a while I’d have a joke that was too dumb to put on my site, so I’d just tweet it. But now there is no in-between! I want those Tweets archived, but not necessarily popping up at the top of my home page :)

It feels timely. We’ve explored the Twitter model pretty exhaustively. I’m curious to look at the LiveJournal model!

Ideally I’d like to let friends log in to my personal site to see stuff. For anyone to actually do it, this would need to be as painless as possible, at minimum accepting indieauth, email, Twitter, and Facebook identities. Initial login would send a “friend request” that I’d approve manually (bonus points if it figures out that we are friends on that silo and automatically sets their permissions that way). Also if someone logs in with multiple identities, it would be nice to have some mechanism to consolidate them. “You just logged in with Facebook, but you were already logged in as …, would you like to combine these?”

Supporting webmention is taking on a significantly lower priority in my mind, partly because it’s daunting to implement.

In reply to a post on snarfed.org.

Aaron Parecki
@kylewm.com I'm getting really interested in private/friends-only posts as well, ever since I started posting things in the XOXO Slack more often. I'm finding these community-oriented networks allow me to say things there that I wouldn't want to post publicly. Not even so much as a privacy thing, but also just because the audiences are drastically different, people know what to expect when I say something in the #cocktails xoxo channel, and that's very different from what you'd see in the #pets channel. Great example is I don't really want to post a ton of cat pictures publicly on my site, but I do share pictures in the #pets channel!
Aaron Parecki
Funny you mention that private webmention is daunting to implement. For me, the opposite is true. While I haven't actually implemented it yet, I feel like making private webmentions work is just figuring out the mechanics of doing the token exchange at this point. The real struggle is figuring out how I want the UX of private posts to work when you're logged in to my site. Should you see additional posts on my home page because you're signed in? Should there be a separate place you go to see private or semi-private posts? Should I only post private posts in separate "channels"? How should the post visually indicate that it's not public? Do I want people to know that they're viewing this post because they're part of a certain group, or leave that information hidden?
Aaron Parecki
Speaking of this... I'd love your feedback on the new Private Webmention extension! I think it'll be an important building block for this. https://aaronparecki.com/2016/09/30/12/private-webmentions https://indieweb.org/Private-Webmention