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IndieWebCamp SF 2015

Own your data. Rather than posting content on third-party silos of content, we should all own the content we’re creating. Publish on your own domain, and syndicate out to silos.

Join us in San Francisco for an indieweb hack day! Web creators will gather to code, design, document, draw, sysadmin, and show off what they’ve built at the end of the day. Help us build open web technologies to empower users to own their identity and content, and advance the state of the independent web!

More info is available on the indiewebcamp wiki: http://indiewebcamp.com/2015/SF

Ben Werdmüller

Looking forward to it.

on werd.io

Going (25)

Ryan Barrett (snarfed.org)
Tantek Çelik (tantek.com)
going to IndieWebCamp SF 2015-12-03.
You should too!
indie event https://kylewm.com/2015/12/indiewebcamp-sf-2015
silo fb.com/events/175203116150206
Andi Galpern (www.facebook.com)
Kara Murphy (www.facebook.com)
Dan Gailey (www.facebook.com)
Kevin Marks (www.facebook.com)
Darius Dunlap (www.facebook.com)
Will Norris (willnorris.com)

I’m looking forward to attending IndieWebCamp SF 2015 this year. I’ve missed the last couple of events for various reasons, and really want to get back into things. I’m thinking about maybe hacking on Camlistore a bit this year, perhaps doing some more work on documentation.

Will Norris (www.facebook.com)
Elisa Jo Harkness (www.facebook.com)
Bryn Wölfka (www.facebook.com)
Kunal Dovedy (www.facebook.com)
Aaromal Syam (www.facebook.com)
Aaron Parecki (www.facebook.com)
Aaron Cole (www.facebook.com)
Amy Guy (rhiaro.co.uk)
Indiewebcamp SF


3rd December 2015 17:30 (GMT) - 5th December 2015 02:00 (GMT)

Habibullah Asif (www.facebook.com)
Shannon Lee (www.facebook.com)
Benjamin Michael Goering (www.facebook.com)
Ben Werdmüller (www.facebook.com)
I'm looking forward to hacking with other indies at IndieWebCamp SF 2015 on Thursday. Consider this my RSVP of Yes to the indieevent!
Johannes Ernst (www.facebook.com)
Judith Mayer (www.facebook.com)
Mariana Carrillo (www.facebook.com)
Ok, this is a retroactive RSVP to allow my posts to be scraped by the clever #indieweb services being hacked and demoed at IndieWebCamp SF 2015 on Thursday. Consider this my RSVP of Yes to the local indie event of the year.

Might Go (32)

PJ Khalil (www.facebook.com)
Ben Ward (www.facebook.com)
Edward O'Connor (www.facebook.com)
Tony Godshall (www.facebook.com)
Marc Canter (www.facebook.com)
Ilya Kreymer (www.facebook.com)
Jon Pierce (www.facebook.com)
Daniel Appelquist (www.facebook.com)
Monica Wilkinson (www.facebook.com)
Nir Kouris (www.facebook.com)
Dan Rego (www.facebook.com)
Francine Hardaway (www.facebook.com)
Amy MacKinnon (www.facebook.com)
Wadgreen Adam Sapon (www.facebook.com)
Chris Heuer (www.facebook.com)
Cosmo Mielke (www.facebook.com)
Jun Axup (www.facebook.com)
Natalie Downe (www.facebook.com)
Michael Owens (www.facebook.com)
Michelle Tsng (www.facebook.com)
Eddie Codel (www.facebook.com)
Neeraj Saini (www.facebook.com)
Ian McKellar (www.facebook.com)
Justin Ormont (www.facebook.com)
Burak Yiğit Kaya (www.facebook.com)
Joshua Kauffman (www.facebook.com)
Brian Behlendorf (www.facebook.com)
Jason Lee Suárez Denizac (www.facebook.com)
Yan XZ (www.facebook.com)
Kyle Mock (www.facebook.com)
James Craig (www.facebook.com)
Laci White (www.facebook.com)

Not Going (8)

Kyle Huey (www.facebook.com)
Paul Hammond (www.facebook.com)
Paul Mison (www.facebook.com)
Jina Anne (www.facebook.com)
Ajesh Shah (www.facebook.com)
Om Malik (www.facebook.com)
Tikva Morowati (www.facebook.com)
Robert Scoble (www.facebook.com)

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