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Kyle Mahan: Ohh interesting, looks like you’re taking a … by Kyle Mahan(kylewm.com)Yes, I have converted my site – or actually, I’m still in the process of doing so – to WordPress. I like Known a lot, but there are a few things that Known currently cannot provide and I’m not a php developer and able to fix those things in the short term. Also – which is a huge deal for me – I discovered WordPress has direct Google+ syndication these days. Not just to a page, but also to a personal profile. Now I can ...
Kyle Mahan

I think this is great feedback for Known and the indieweb community in general, given with a lot of consideration and kindness. The most important thing is you feel like your site represents you and is fun for you to use and tinker with!

I’m a bit sensitive to the “my site is my business card” aspect too; right now people see a totally random stream of replies that isn’t really me or even necessarily what I’m thinking about today. This may be a good reason to have a super curated front-page feed like @snarfed does, or only show articles like @benwerd does, or only post things that matter like @tantek does.

Absolutely 100% agree that Known’s import/export process is not where it needs to be.

I had an IFTTT recipe for Twitter a long time ago that would copy my tweets into an Evernote document. Something like that is a nice, low-fi way to keep a private archive of them.

And you could totally post to Known and syndicate to Wordpress with https://github.com/kylewm/KnownIndieSyndicate and https://github.com/snarfed/wordpress-micropub if you wanted to do that :)

Kyle Mahan: I think this is great feedback for Known and … by Kyle MahanKyle Mahan(kylewm.com)

You are – as always – correct. I could easily use Known to syndicate to WordPress. The issue is, I like the WordPress editor a lot better, so probably I would to it the other way around. We’ll see. First I’ll get my site fully operational and all posts in the correct format, without any strange characters. Then I’ll fix my Known install and see how to use both at the same time. Thanks for your kind reply, it’s nice to know there are lots of people out there that want to invest the time to write a little text instead of just clicking “Like” 🙂