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Hugo Roy

Is there a way to use android Share functions for a Known instance? #Known #indieweb

Kyle Mahan

Take a look at https://snarfed.org/easy-indieweb-interactions-on-android … it’s not the best UX in the world, but better than nothing!

Hugo Roy

Thanks for the tip. I'll see if it's available on F-Droid (I don't have a Google account on my android)

(BTW I got your message several times in my notifications, you might want to look into it)

Kyle Mahan

heh, yes, I blew up the IRC channel too (http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2016-05-23#t1464013757599);; sorry about that! It is an issue with Woodwind sending the same micropub request many times, I’m not sure why yet
And I’m actually using a different app called “Url Forwarder” to do the same thing, in case Bookmarklets isn’t available on F-droid.


I don't use Google either. I just emailed the Url Forwarder dev at the address I found here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.daverix.urlforward

Hopefully he replies and says that it is free software and is available somewhere online. I want to be able to post to my site from my Replicant phone really badly.