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August 11, 2014

Adding a data use disclaimer for social media sites

Thinking a little bit about responsible backfeeding, spurred by Derek Powazek‘s question here:

I tried adding a little data use disclaimer to my profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram indicating that responses there would be backfed to my personal site. My Twitter bio, usually reserved for Smiths lyrics, now reads:

heads up: @-replies, favorites, and RTs are backfed to my personal site thanks to Brid.gy

Now I’m wondering what a data use disclaimer on a social media site should really say. Maybe something along the lines of:

Responses will be aggregated and sold to marketers who use your demographic information and behavioral patterns to more effectively advertise to you. Responses may be altered or hidden for science experiments being conducted on you. Responses that are offensive or abusive will generally be ignored, along with reports of said Responses, if you can even find your way through the draconian maze of forms and personal information required to file such a report. Receivers of Responses of this nature are requested to suck it up.

I think that might be over the character limit.

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July 23, 2014

Finally had a chance to send some sensitive information to someone else with a PGP key, and later found out they didn’t have it set up on the new computer. Mailpile we need you!

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